A diamond miracle!!!

In writing, we are working with Myth`s. The teacher asked us to make a Myth in groups, like with the Fable. I choose the 4 part, but here are the links of the other parts...I hope you like it....

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5

Part 4:
   It was the third secret date. James was waiting for Destiny by the sea. They ate something and played with the sand. After a long time, they started talking:
-Last night i felt that something wrong was going to happen to us. So, we have to take advantage of the time we can be together-he said.
-Don`t worry, maybe it is nothing-she replied-What really worries me is Christy. I think she is planing something, i don`t know...-Destiny said.
-If i`m here, no one will hurt you, i will protect you- James said trying to convince her. He kissed her in her cheeks and gave her a strong hug.
   Suddenly Christy appeared running with her sad face and a knife in her hand!
-What are you doing here??!!??-Destiny cried.
-If i can`t be with James, neither can you!!!- Christy shouted
   Christy threw the knife to Destiny but James ran to rescue her and got hurt. Destiny started to cry while James was dying.
-I should be there, dying...not you!!! Sorry, please stay with me...-she said with tears.
   Christy was shocked. She couldn`t move. She didn`t understand what had happened. She finally decided to kill herself because she has destroyed her true love.

EXPLANATION: When Destiny thows the Diamonds to the sea, they elevate to the sky and form the "Bermuda Triangle" and everything or anyone that steps there disappears like James in Destiny´s life

This is a video that shows all the character of "A diamond miracle".

A Diamond Miracle on PhotoPeach


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