Cowybell the star!!!

This is a fable i have made with some friends. Each person was in charge of writing one part. The part that i choose is the part are the rest...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 5

Part 4:
   Some days passed since her friends called her. She as decided to forget them and live her new life of being a star.
   One day she received a message from the director. It said that she should go to the theatre for extra practice, but when she got there the only thing that she found was all the theatre dark and empty. Then she heard a voice and realized that it was Leslie...
-In this way i wanted to catch you...- she said.
   Leslie inmediatly jumped at Cowybell and caught her. She left her in an old wardrobe and left.
   Meanwhile, in the farm, all her friends had a feeling that something wrong was happening to the poor Cowybell. After a long discussion, they decided that they should go to see what was going wrong.

MORAL: Don`t forget about friends because friends never forget you.


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